Mason & Risch
The Mason & Risch Piano Company was one of Canada's more prominent piano manufacturers. The firm was established in with the partnership of Thomas G. Mason, Vincent Rich, and Octavius Newcombe in Toronto. For a brief period during the 's, instruments were produced under the Mason, Risch & Newcombe brand name. In , Newcombe had left the firm to build pianos and organs under his own name. Mason & Risch built high quality pianos for decades, and enjoyed a very good reputation. In addition to Mason & Risch brand instruments, they built pianos under the 'T. Eaton' brand name for the famous Eaton Department Store chain as well as a very successful line of organs under the 'Vocalian' brand name. In the 's, the firm was purchased by the Winter Piano Company, and it became part of the large Aeolian Corporation. The Mason & Risch name was discontinued in the 's when Aeolian went out of business.
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